How To: Water damaged ipod how i fixed mine.

Water damaged ipod how i fixed mine.

 My ipod sat in the dogs water bowl for over 12 hours and still works fine. 

Heres what i did first i shook all the water out i could for about 20 to 30 minutes, then dabbed it with paper towels for another 10 or so accidentally turned it on which i know your not supposed to do with any wet electronics. At the moment when it turned on every thing worked fine so i put it down an left it alone. The next day went to listen to a some music it turned on but nothing worked on it. I had to leave for a few days so i put it up in a ac vent, it was winter so all the heat rising to the cieling must have dried it out, when i got home a few days later plugged it in and works just like when i bought it. Apple you make some some great electronics you have me as repeat shopper.

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