How To: use a MRE (MEAL,READY-TO-EAT) Heater

use a MRE (MEAL,READY-TO-EAT) Heater


  • Vapors released by heater contain hydrogen,a flammable gas do not epose to open flame,vapors displace oxygen when using multiple heaters,ensure proper ventilation such as open door or top hatch.MRE and heater will get very hot can cause burns discard heater after use Do not drink water or use in food item's.

How to use an MRE(MEAL,READY-TO-EAT) Heater

Step 1 Remove MRE pouch from carton and save carton.  Tear off top of bag. place MRE pouch in the bag with heater. Hold MRE pouch above line's on bag pour water in between to lines.    slide MRE and heater to bottom of pouch fold top.     put back into box with heater to the bottom. set against rock at about 45 degree angle wait 10 to 15 minutes.

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